Canadian seminar features President Ho Chi Minh

Ottawa (VNA) – The Canada Vietnam Friendship Society (CVFS) on May 17 held an online seminar on President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy and historic contributions to the people of Vietnam and the world, on the occasion of his 130th birthday.

Participants watched documentaries and listened to songs about the late President.

Steve Rutchinski from the University of Toronto said he was impressed by the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh, especially his dedication to Vietnam’s freedom by pooling international support for the fight against French colonialists and American imperialists.

E-book and print book available in Canada later this year.

Participants discussed Vietnam’s contributions to the national liberation movement worldwide, and expressed their interest in the e-book “The Ballads of Ho Chi Minh” by Nguyen Dai Trang with 25 songs translated into English as well as images of monuments and memorial areas dedicated to him in more than 20 countries. Read more.

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