Sticky rice cake with green bean and pork (bánh chưng) is traditional food for Vietnamese New Year. Read more Traditional Food for Lunar New Year by PhunuToday.

Legends and myths mean that many histories in Vietnam are coloured a variety of shades. This is also the case with phở, the country’s most famous dish, and its most successful culinary export. In the capital city of Hanoiphở is a staple breakfast dish. Read more “The Story of Vietnamese phở” by Vietnam Tourism.

Fish Sauce (Nước mắm): A staple of almost every dish in Vietnam
by National Times

Just like rice, fish sauce is a staple of almost every dish in Vietnam. “For Vietnamese people, a meal without fish sauce is considered incomplete,” culture expert Tran Ngoc Them once wrote in his book Vietnam Culture Foundation. Read more.

How to make Gỏi Cuốn (fresh spring rolls)
by TLC Southeast Asia

Xôi gấc – Baby jackfruit sticky rice

Gấc – Baby jackfruit

Xôi gấc Quốc khánh (Baby jackfruit sticky rice for National Day, September 2)
Photo: Zing

Mì quảng (Noodle soup from Quảng)
Photo: Guu

A meal for National Day
Clockwise: grilled squid tentacles, beef and green bean, spring rolls, cucumber salad,
and Vietnam-flag watermelon and pineapple
Photo: Tin tức

Fruit plate: rambutan (chôm chôm), lychee (vải), and star fruit (khế)
Photo: Vnexpress

Food presentation with the shape of Vietnam
Photo: Chiếc thìa vàng