Hùng King Commemoration (Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương)

Every year, on March 10 of the lunar calendar (equivalent to April, for 2021 it is April 21), the Vietnamese people hold ceremony in Phú Thọ province, celebrating the nation’s founders, the Hùng Kings. Read more.

Vietnam Cultural Insights

Vietnam Cultural Insights by Global Affairs Canada provides snapshots of the overall social and cultural norms as well as the workplace environment in Vietnam. 

Photo: Toronto and Ho Chi Minh City by CVTC

Three Regions Unified (Hội Trùng Dương)

Unity of the three regions north, centre and south is a prominent feature in Vietnamese culture.

Women in traditional dresses at Hue Imperial Palace

The Farmers’ Dance

at Asia’s Got Talent by Life Dance

National Dress (Áo Dài) Fashion Show

Vietnam’s national dress, the áo dài is one of the country’s most striking symbols of beauty. Over hundreds of years, the áo dài has evolved alongside Vietnam, going from regal to practical, humble to high fashion, and back again. The Vietnamese áo dài  is appreciated by the young and old alike, and its elegant lines flatter both men and women. Read more from Vietnam Tourism.

Tết – Lunar New Year 

For a long time, when the Lunar New Year (Tết) arrives, the Vietnamese people often purchase delicious specialties to worship their ancestors with first, then share among their family members to enjoy during the holidays. The custom has become a tradition which shows the Vietnamese refined eating and entertaining lifestyle, and also reflects a cultural feature unique to each region of the country. Read more.

Above is a traditional food tray for Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tết. The traditional square sticky rice cake (bánh chưng) is in the centre. (Photo: Tran Thanh Giang/VNP).